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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Shirsh brings more than 17+ years of expertise on projects requiring Finite element analysis to solve difficult mechanical engineering challenges. Our team is well versed in handling projects ranging from Static to complex Non-Linear dynamics. Over years, we have met our clients expectation with flying colors

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

At Shirsh, we developed our expertise in the fields of CFD analyses, with years of work in domains mainly Aerodynamics, HVAC, Chemical Mixers, Pumps and Valves & Electronics Cooling. Our work has been extensively bench-marked by experiments and in-service testing, giving us the necessary validation to our clients.

Multi-Physics Co-Simulation of System

Co-simulation is one of analyses strategy where one completely understands the performance, safety, and reliability of their products, as it is greatly influenced by the interactions between these disciplines. For example, the interaction between the flowing water with turbine blades or floating structure interaction with waves.

Product Design with 3D Prototyping

We, engineers at Shirsh finds passion in creating things, out of this passion we have designed and developed numerous products for our clients and to our satisfaction we have delivered not only complete design but an optimum product. The detailed design optionally is supported with 3D printing of the product.

Feasibilty Studies

In order to identify project development opportunities, it is important for developers to initially assess the project by a team of experts, who can thoroughly analyse various technical aspects in order to determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the engineering project. Currently, we are offering our feasibilities in Solar Energy Projects



Reverse Engineering /2D→3D→2D

Covert 2D drawings to 3D CAD with ease and strategically. If you are looking to improve product quality or engineer the existing product from scratch to manufacturing output. Choose Shirsh for seamless conversions

Industry Oriented Training

Shirsh TechnoSolutions is an Industry and practical oriented training center for CAD (SOLIDWORKS) and CAE (ANSYS) in Mumbai, INDIA. We boast our teaching techniques and our faculties for their experience on subject and Software Knowledge, who are best in the industry and from the field with vast experience. In short we deliver the best Design Engineers and Analyst with our authorized & certified courses & overall job placements, which only some can match.

Root-Cause and Failure Analysis

To identify the failure, a thorough investigation is required, which requires a comprehensive understanding of material nature, operating environments & loadings and boundary conditions of the system, our experienced engineers can pinpoint the reasons for failure and also thrive to suggest the strengthening strategy.
Domain expertise in the field of Fatigue, Structural resonance, thermal cycling, Creep and Crack Initiation & Propogation.

Design Vetting by Chartered Engineer

Get your designed vetted by our in-house experienced chartered engineers with confidence to execute the projects. The vetting is also required to comply with third-party design verification.
Shirsh expertise will help you with hassle-free third-party design verification and vetting.
Our domain of expertise is such as solar, heavy engineering, pumps and valves, machinery & material handling, electronics, consumer and turbo-machinery

Solar Energy

Complete Engineering design solution for Solar Energy includes
  • Virtual Wind Tunnel Testing using CFD analysis.
  • Solar Structures Design, Analysis and detail drawing generation for Ground Mounted, Roof Top & Floating Solar
  • Design Validation and Verification as per IS, AISC, EN & TVCN
  • Solar Pumping Structure
  • Dual Axis Tracker
  • Single Axis Tracker
  • Seasonal Tilt Structure
  • Solar Thermal Studies
  • Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers

    We use FEA to design and validate fittings and vessels that can not be designed by rule-based codes like VIII-1 or B31.3. We have expertized in the specialized field of pressure equipment design by FEA to validated ASME VIII-2 methods.
  • Pressure vessel design to ASME VIII-2
  • Pressure and thermal stress analysis
  • Permissible service life (fatigue life)
  • Wind and seismic analysis
  • Leg, saddle and clip design
  • Frequency and vibration analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Pump and Valves

    Engineering Design Analysis and Validation for Pump & valves Industry normally include but not limited to are
  • Structural Strength of various components
  • Fluid Flow analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Cavitation effects
  • Torque calculations
  • Leakage analysis
  • Component Optimization (parametric approach)
  • Noise Level Analysis for its reduction
  • Comply to protocols that manufacturer needs to follow that are requisite for the certification
  • Machinery & Material Handling

    From EOT cranes to scissor lifts we have design expertise for
  • Structural Analysis of components and full assembly
  • Mechanism Simulation to calculates joint forces and operating loads
  • Structural Optimization using Design of Experiments
  • Topology Optimization
  • Bolts and Welding Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Electronics and Enclosure Design

    When it comes to electronics, neglecting to effectively cool a component within a system can lead to overheating, product lifespan reduction, and even operational failure. With our expertise, you can optimize key metrics such as junction temperatures, energy consumption, energy removed and the path the heat takes out of the domain can be evaluated.
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis (CHT) of complete electronics enclosure.
  • Electro-thermal and standalone thermal analyses of electronic designs.
  • Complete Enclosure Design.
  • Random Vibration Analysis according to MIL-STD-810G
  • Heat Sink Designs
  • Fan Cooling Analysis
  • Parametric “what if” and Design of Experiment (DoE) analyses on geometry, materials, and power losses.
  • Consumer Goods

    From washing machines to personal care products and food and beverage, leaders in the consumer goods industry are accelerating their innovation pipeline with simulation, and we are here to help you.
  • Process Simulation like Blow Moulding & Extrusion.
  • Structural Simulation like stacking-up during transport, quizzing of the packages by consumers, drop, hydrostatic test, etc
  • Weight Optimization of plastic parts.
  • Rotating Machinery Simulation and Optimization

    Whether you are developing fans, pumps, compressors, or turbines, Our simulation services allow you to quickly iterate and improve on designs. Simulation provides insight into key metrics prior to manufacturing and testing. It is a reliable method to increase efficiency and reduce development costs and time to market.
  • Blade design and optimization.
  • Understanding rotating components vibration and imbalance.
  • Fatigue analysis for life prediction
  • Fan Cooling Performance Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Rotor Dynamics Analysis to capture critical speed
  • Parametric “what if” and Design of Experiment (DoE) analyses on geometry & materials.
  • Product Documentation

    Recently added and most innovative to us, we help our client to showcase their products in the best format i.e. 3D animations with the most realistic renderings and that too at the lowest cost as we have mastered the use of most popular open-source 3D animation and rendering package -“Blender” Now never be delayed because products documentation wasn’t ready with SHIRSH technical Documentation solution you can now make compelling presentations and systematically document your products
    • Manufacturing and Assembly Instructions.
    • User manuals and product documentation.
    • Interactive Product Working Animation.
    • Creation of accurate repair and maintenance manuals.
    • Training Materials
    • Creation of vibrant, exciting marketing materials
    • Photo-Realistic Rendering and animations
    So reach out to us for the demonstration of our work and reach to your clients in the most innovative way of presenting your idea.

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