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“We believe Utilizing CAE at the design stage offers an innovative process, which will lead to securing initial product quality, a decrease in product development time and reduced costs. With the increase in the number of simulations, the need for producing physical prototypes will significantly decrease.”



Trusted Partner

Confidentiality, Integrity and Retention of information always a topmost priority & Quick response times maintaining Long-term relationship with several clients


Focused Solution

Expertise in multiple technology platforms and business verticals with proven track record of delivering design and validation services with utmost satisfaction


Valuable Resources

Experienced and Certified Resources on varied skills set with more than 50+ years of combined design & manufacturing experience

Why You Should Choose Shirsh

Simplifying Engineering Design Simulation

Trusted Advisor, with Domain Expertize

We help our clients by Simplifying Engineering Design Tools, as they are more focused on their products design and engineering, we set our energies to help you with Simulation tools to improve product efficiency and reliability.

Local Sales & Technical Support

We have setup dedicated Sales and Support team to help you through your projects and deadlines. With online support on Phone, remote support and emails we assure you of timely and informative support team and solutions offering sales team to cater to your needs.

Engineering First, Software tools Second

In our team, nearly half are engineers, most holding Master’s degrees. Our tech support engineers perform the same type of work our clients do.

Add Value with our Engineering Consultancy

With our unmatched domain based engineering consultancy for product design and optimization we shall be your one stop solution partner for simulation.

ANSYS Prefered Channel Partner

ANSYS considers customer satisfaction ratings and depth of staff certification in both technical and sales ranks, business growth, and overall sales volume when it selects its Channel Partners.

Authorized Training Center for your Learning

We have setup a full fledged training center authorized by ANSYS for certification and contents. You can be rest assured of BEST learning experience with us and you can quickly apply the skills on your projects

Our Clients

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Client Testimonials

Shirsh has imparted FEA & CFD training & also helped us on the live project which was a really very good experience for us. Some time only theoretical knowledge is not enough to solve the problem, by the same way they taught us using different examples and now we are solving our problems by own. We are inspired by them, to work in a different manner by keeping the positive attitude towards work. Amit keeps calling us time to time for asking our difficulties, for which we really appreciate his support.

Amol Lokulwar, Alfaa UV

"FEA is a tough nut to crack. It was simplified and made approachable through an understanding of core concepts behind the analysis. Amit and his team rescued our analysis deadlock with an intelligent approach towards FEA. They are the master at their work. Excellent work and best wishes for future. Keep it up."

Dastagir Shaikh, Java Motorcylces

"One of the easiest explanation to hardest of technical problems. A simple explanation to start with FEA on the job."

Biswajit Halder, Sterling Gensys Ltd

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