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Lamella Clarifier – CFD & FEA Analysis

Lamella Clarifier CFD

Project Brief

Conducted three-dimensional transient CFD analysis of a Lamella clarifier to predict pressure distribution on blade surfaces and moment reaction on the shaft due to the rotation of viscous sludge fluid, using the sliding mesh approach. Subsequently, mapped CFD results as input for FEA analysis.


The client required accurate prediction of pressure distribution and moment reaction in a Lamella clarifier under operational conditions to ensure structural integrity and safety.


Created a 3D SolidWorks model of the clarifier.
Applied moving wall condition to the shaft wall with a specified rotation speed.
Set appropriate inlet and outlet boundary conditions based on the clarifier design.
Input properties of the sludge fluid, including density and viscosity.
Performed sliding mesh CFD analysis to predict pressure distribution on blade surfaces.
Imported pressure data from CFD analysis into FEA for further structural analysis.
Conducted FEA analysis considering observed pressure on blades and moment on shaft.
Analyzed deformation and stress on various parts of the clarifier.


Identified maximum pressure of ‘X’ Pa on the sludge squeezer surface under specified conditions.
Observed moment reaction on the shaft.
Confirmed stresses within the assembly remained within allowable limits of the material.
Verified compliance of fasteners with IS-800 standards, ensuring motor protection and system integrity under overload conditions.


Summary of Project: The comprehensive analysis of the Lamella clarifier structure using CFD and FEA provided valuable insights into its performance under operational conditions. The study confirmed the structural integrity and safety of the clarifier, ensuring its reliability in the client’s application.

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