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CFD & FE Analysis of Open Cage Channel

Open cage 3D model

Project Brief

This case study details the comprehensive CFD and FE analysis performed on an open cage channel to simulate the pressure developed when fluid flows at a specific velocity. The objective was to evaluate the stress and deflection in various components, ensuring the structure’s integrity and reliability under operational conditions.

Challenges and Objectives

The client faced challenges in assessing the structural integrity of the open cage channel under fluid flow conditions.


Defined boundary conditions including velocity inlet, pressure outlet, self-weight of the model, and pressure on components.

CFD Analysis:

1.Simulated the pressure distribution within the open cage channel by applying velocity at inlet, using advanced CFD techniques. 2.Obtained pressure values on various components for further analysis.

FE Analysis

1.Used the pressure values from the CFD analysis as input for FE analysis. 2.Evaluated the stress and deflection against the material’s allowable limits.

Benefits (Results Achieved)

The analysis provided significant insights and quantifiable data:

  • The CFD analysis accurately simulated the pressure distribution within the open cage channel.
  • The FE analysis confirmed that the stresses and strains in the channel remained within acceptable limits.
  • The open cage channel was determined to sustain the specified fluid velocity without structural failure.
  • The analysis demonstrated that the channel would perform reliably and maintain its integrity under the designated conditions.

Summary of Project

In conclusion, the CFD and FE analysis of the open cage channel successfully validated the structural integrity of the channel under the specified fluid flow conditions. The detailed simulations and evaluations confirmed that the channel could withstand the operational pressures and maintain its reliability. This comprehensive analysis ensured the client that the open cage channel would perform as expected, providing a reliable solution for their fluid flow challenges.

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