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ABS-Compliant FE Analysis of Winch Strength

CAD Model

Project Brief

This case study showcases the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) conducted on a winch to verify its strength, adhering to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules for Building and Classing Underwater Vehicles, Systems, and Hyperbaric Facilities. The analysis encompassed various loads and conditions to ensure the winch’s reliability and compliance with ABS standards.

Challenges and Objectives

The client sought to validate the strength of their winch through FEA, facing challenges related to ensuring compliance with ABS rules while maintaining optimal performance under various loads and environmental conditions. The objectives included verifying the winch’s structural integrity and identifying any potential areas of improvement.

Methodology (Solutions Implemented)

  1. Modelling: A 3D CAD model of the winch was created .
  2. Boundary Conditions: Various loads were considered, including dead load, live load, and additional loads such as added mass, entrained water, and mud.
  3. FEA Analysis: The model was analysed using Finite Element Analysis software, considering member behaviour in axial tension or compression, bending, shear, and combined axial compression and bending.
  4. Validation: The results were compared against the ABS rules for allowable stresses in different members of the winch assembly.

Benefits (Results Archive) 

  1. Validation of Strength: The FEA analysis confirmed that the stresses induced in the winch assembly were within the allowable limits specified by ABS rules.
  2. Compliance: The analysis ensured that the winch design complied with ABS standards, guaranteeing its reliability and safety in underwater applications.
  3. Optimization: Potential areas for optimization were identified, enabling the client to enhance the winch’s performance and efficiency.

Summary of Project

The project successfully demonstrated the importance of FEA analysis in verifying the strength and compliance of critical components like winches used in underwater applications. By ensuring compliance with ABS rules, the client could enhance the reliability and safety of their winch, meeting the stringent requirements of the marine industry.

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